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Random Favourites

I feel worse than I've ever felt before
I turn out my lights and lock the door
I cut me open to look for myself
and now I realize I need help...
I can't find her and she can't find me
in each others arms where we're supposed to be
I've checked in every lost and found
and now I'm lying on the ground
wondering what I didn't see
watching the leaves fall from the trees
falling, dying, turning black
listening to them crumble and crack
I'm lost in this world and I need someone's eyes
to guide me through the pain and the lies
to help me get past the razors and guns
to help me see the light and the warmth of the sun
This isn't the way people are supposed to feel
how could someone hurt so much? how could they kill
all of my emotions except for the pain,
the happiness I once shared all lost in vain
it happened for nothing, there was no point to this
how could I ever feel like I missed
the most wonderful thing that's ever happened to me
and then I remember leaves and the tree
it looked so vulnera
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 6 0
Mature content
Bliss :iconsnigglet:Snigglet 4 0
Mature content
Fuckin Sunday :iconsnigglet:Snigglet 4 1
Mature content
Im sorry :iconsnigglet:Snigglet 3 0
Superfriend Heroes Fly So High
wicked youth and heresy
marijuana ecstasy
burn my body when I die
paint them red and wash the sky
everyone knows why you feed them
prolapse, snow caps, tuna semen
I don't know anything, never met you
obsessed, processed, it only takes two
lovers suffer and they quit
crack whore lighters take big hits
shovel me off of the sidewalk
dazed, confused, retarded, can't talk
reject subject of denial
old men, young girls, pedophile
break up, take up, friends forever
can't say I didn't help, endeavor
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 6 0
Test Meat
I don't know what to say
I don't know how to write
every thing good turns into a fight
love is an obstacle a choice in life
nothing like a fucking knife
all I want is something new
something offered by incredibly few
something sweet, better as time passes by
but as hard as I try opportunities pass me by
so I light up a joint and get myself high
it doesn't solve anything, the past is still there
crumbled to pieces, vanished in thin air
that's the way I want it to be
as if you care
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 5 0
Killing Myself
Killing me slowly with each breath I take
Killing me slowly with the habits I make
Killing me faster with the blade of a knife
Killing me gently with the pills and the pipe
Killing me more with the liquor I drank
Killing me forever with these mistakes
don't let me kill myself over the pain they've caused
don't let me do it to get an applause
don't let me fall into the arms that aren't there
don't let me fall on the ground that is bare
I don't want to be there where so many have fallen before
I want to be loved like there's no tomorrow
will you help me get through?
do you need me too?
don't let me kill myself, don't let my lips turn blue
they want the warmth of a tender kiss
the kiss of someone special like you
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 10 2
Shoot Me
sometimes I questioned life and god
didn't know what to do after you were gone
tried to take a bullet in the head
you talked me out of it instead
when my time comes I won't be scared
all the pain has helped me prepare
sometimes I wonder when it will end
release my soul from this world of sin
happier in comatose
blissful dreams and fruitless hopes
when my time comes I won't be scared
all the pain has helped me prepare
I miss you still in every way
I miss you more with every day
I can't say I don't love you
because I do
I can't say I'm over you
cuz I'd be lying to myself too
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 7 0
Just To Hear You Say
climbing a mountain, reaching the top
knowing your there, I won't stop
wait for me as I try to be
the man you want to see
it's bigger than god, and it's all that I've got
it's steeper than a walls angle
I never thought that when I reached the top
I'd be greeted by an angel
and now that I'm here it's worth it
to hold you in my arms
and I never would have dreamt that you would
let me fall apart
you're the one in my heart, the reason I started
climbing this wall of pain
you're the one in my dreams the one that makes me scream
the one that drives my mind insane
I'm not the man that you want me to be
I couldn't make you happy
the best of wishes and the good bye kisses
now it's lame and sappy
and now that I'm here I'm sorry
that I've wasted all this time
and I never would have dreamt I'd hurry
and miss the vital signs
now I'm floating away like the ocean spray
I'm here but you can't feel it
I can see your face and everything you say
lying in the dark but moonlit
I'm back at the bottom with e
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 5 1
Heroine or Heroin?
bit by a spider
the poison makes it's way inside her
killing the flesh and the soul
the venom enters her veins
and straight to her brain
dulling the senses and state of reality
dying so slowly
unaware of the hole
that is eating her body away
it grows bigger as time passes
slow like molasses
but surely it's there and can be seen
she has scars on her legs
but still she begs
to mount on her wonderful pony
the nightmares it brings her
the addiction's here forever
she's riding the magic, but lonely
beautiful lights and one with the music
has a pack of cigarettes
but doesn't know how to use it
she awakes in a park
where it's cold and it's dark
used, but needs it again
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 6 1
My Sweet Lullaby
I love my bed it's where I lay my head
and go to sleep and not hear a peep
where I think of dreams of you and me
chillin out on a summer beach
I love my bed it's where I stay
during the night and during the day
won't you share it in my peaceful room
we'll lay here together just me and you
I'll hold you in my arms tonight
on my bed where you're in my sight
I can hear your heartbeat and when you breath
incased with my love while you sleep
I'll watch you while you drift away
in my dreams is where you'll stay
under the covers with my love
she's more beautiful than the stars above
I love my bed and I love her too
we'll be here together while the sky is blue
and if she wakes she'll hear me sing
a lullaby to put her back to sleep..
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 8 0
You Wouldn't Understand
better than we've ever been
it'll last this time, won't happen again
together forever me and you
got a bag of sunshine in my shoe
blazed and dazed on a summer day
bloodshot eyes and milky ways
chinese food and backyard sheds
ugg is a duck with a rooster head
coming on a plane sometime tomorrow
gonna take your donkey for  me to borrow
sleep with my lemur instead
dream of me when you're in bed
movin slow now movin fast
givin up and drinks and grass
workin out from head to toe
can't stop laughing on the phone
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 5 0
Can't Handle This
Wondering if things will ever work out
I tried talking to her today.. I didn't mean to shout
she's going to my friends house to chill for the day
she can't promise she won't kiss him.. I don't know what to say
she said she can't control her actions when she's with someone she likes
the same when she's around people at school and she gets in fights
he's my best friend and I don't know what to do
she's my girlfriend and I'm in love with her too
she puts herself in positions where temptation is high
she does it to hurt me, to kill me, so I'll cry
I don't know what to do, she's the only one I've got
I can't find religion.. no heaven hell or god.
I feel like I'm depressed and locked away in my room
emerging only at night to steal cigarettes and food
this drama fucks my mind up and I can't think straight
these poems help me see the points that I'm trying to make
they show me what's going on and how I really feel
they soothe my nerves and spirit.. they help me to heal
I don't know what I'm go
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 4 0
looking for freedom
a way to escape
this wretched soul
has burnt into flames
a pile of ashes
is all I'll become
a burnout for life
because there's no one above
to watch over and protect me
from the mistakes I've made
there's no turning point
I can't be saved
alone and tired
powerless and confused
I call back on memories
and realize I've been used
not for money, but for peace of mind
sucked dry to the bone
and filled with lies
I wish someone would come
to protect me from myself
I've already been burnt
by everyone else
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 7 2
Just Dreams
Today I dreamt of how you would die
I seen it so clearly through these eyes
I watched you fall, and I watched you bleed
I listened to you cry and beg for mercy
I felt you take your final breath
As I held your head close to my chest
Slowly you vanished from my sight
But these memories come back to me every night
The dreams of what once was you and me
Are locked in my heart, never to leave
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 8 3
Because I have you
last night I was laying all alone
no one ever calls me on the phone
then I, realized... I shouldn't be blue
then I, realized... I have you
love me harder love me tender
be my sugar not just splenda
be the one for me to hold
but don't, go away
just because my hands are cold
I'll love you more than life itself
you're touch is like nobody else
If I could make you mine today
I wouldn't have it any other way
up and down and all around
you take me where I can't be found
I hope this feeling lasts forever more
there's so many different ones out there
between me and you I really do not care
because I, realized.. I have you
lovers romance on the table
it's real indeed not just a fable
it's nothing like you've experienced before
You bring out the best in me
the way you make me feels a mystery
couldn't ask for more
because I have you
:iconsnigglet:Snigglet 8 1



Current Residence: Orlando/ Regensburg
Favourite genre of music: Techno
Favourite cartoon character: Donald Duck
Hallo, seit über einem Jahr habe ich Leute zu beobachten. Auch Favoriten einige wunderbare Fotos! Ich hoffe, ihr werdet alle meine Fotos zu genießen bald kommen! :heart:
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